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Question asked by kroms on May 20, 2016
Latest reply on May 28, 2016 by brucer

If AMD want to become a major player and get back to being the Graphics Power house they were when it was ATI they need to change 1 thing.




Nvidia has learned a while back ago that it only has to appear better in the  gaming community then actually be better.

Perception  / faith and loyalty is a very powerful thing.  Nvidia Fanboys (or I only will buy NVIDIA users ) believe so much in NVIDIA they have faith that no matter what Nvidia's product is better and hence they will be loyal even when it may not be the case.


AMD needs to be more GAMING committed. They need a compete over haul starting with there image.  Let's be honest, there PR shows and product demo's certainly do nothing to gain any momentum any where on the net ,  not Facebook, not Twitter, not Instagram , not Twitch ,not anywhere.

When AMD starts treating there Product releases and shows as a fancy BIG spectacle only then will they become the on the net.

NVidia learnt a long time ago that it matters .  Even if they tend to be  a little over hyped and lacking in Truth overall.  At the end of the Day it gets a lot of attention all over the net.

AMD's very business way of doing product launches is appealing to ............very very few.  No hype, no glamor, no excitement, no anything.  Very low key and boring.


Nvidia took a page from APPLE and realized that even when you launch something that is not so big a deal , you STILL need to make IT SEEM  like it is a big deal.