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I need help with my system...

Question asked by dizzyb on May 20, 2016
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My Specs:

Monitor: BENQ GL2460HM 24''

Case: Corsair Carbide Series SPEC-03

CPU: AMD FX-8350 AM3+ @ 4.0Ghz

GPU: ASUS Radeon R9 290 DirectCUII 4GB

PSU: Aerocool KCas 700W 80+ Bronce

MB: Gigabyte GA-970-Gaming

RAM: Hyperx Fury DDR3 16GB 1866 Mhz (2 x 8GB)


Cooler: Corsair H55


Recently I had to RMA my GPU Asus R9 290 because colored lines started to appear on my monitor while gaming. The colored lines appeared for brief seconds, then the system went black and restarted. This happened the first time after a month of happy gaming while playing Skyrim with lots of mods and an ENB. I asked on the forums and got told to test my system with 3DMark 11 from Steam. While I was testing it, the system crashed again. I got various information errors before the crashing, as the program closed and I was returned to desktop and an error saying my video controller stopped working appeared, then the system restarted itself. Tested again playing Metro Redux and after some minutes screen went black and system restarted. Again, tested uisng 3DMark 11, crashed to desktop after a few minutes, there were colored lines on the screen, and an error saying the video controller stopped working, after a few seconds the screen went black. After a hard restart, I deleted the AMD drivers using AMD's uninstall tool, and downloaded them again. Tested again with games and the 3DMark 11 tool, and I got the same exact results as before. Called the store where I bought my system just a month ago, and they RMA the GPU back to Asus so I get a new one. I am currently waiting for my new GPU but here comes my question:

I got told in some forums that the problem could have been caused by my PSU (listed above), is this true? I assambled the whole PC on and using the psucalculator from cooler master, and my whole system (according to both web pages' calculators) used around 500w, so my PSU should be more than enough for it, yet people still told me that I needed a better one with more Watts. But some other people told my PSU is fine and the problem was due to a faulty GPU.  Do you guys think I will still have problems with my current system due to the PSU when I get a brand new GPU?