Cheapskate thats evoled slowly

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Need to upgrade my monitor and case. Skimmed as much as I could just to get running even replaced the caps in monitor just to get running.

Buddy sent me the Asus RAIDR  pci express ssd used but works sold it due to a weird compatibility issue sold it for enough to get a new ssd and a new razer mouse. Well aunt got me a rx 480 8gb .Hoping to get my disability so can get some new vid cards and a monitor  and my error total zen rebuild if I ever get it.


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Cpurysen 7 1700
Coolerwraith spire
MotherboardAsrock taichi x370
Memory32 GB geil Evo forza 3000 MHz Ddr 4 I won
Graphics2 Nvidia GTX 1080 FE I won in sli
Disc Drive 1samsung 950 pro 256gb m.2
Disc Drive 2Toshiba 2 tb
Disc Drive 3{drive3}
PSU1000 watt rosewill capstone
CaseOld ultra dragon now a rosewill case of some sort  tosblackdeath paid forward
MonitorSamsung 226bw and a 27 inch Samsung curved monitor I won last year