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    DDMA Configuration invalid after reboot


      I'm using 2x 390s Crossfired with Eyefinity 1x3 and DDMA on 3 Asus MG279Q monitors in a 3x1 configuration. All three monitors are directly connected to the primary GPU using DisplayPort 1.2 cables. I can successfully configure DDMA in my preferred configuration (LLCCRR for the 6 speakers going from left to right). However, two issues are observed with Crimson


      1. Despite having the monitors correctly configured position wise (2,1,3 in this case) the resulting DDMA configuration is actually CCLLRR instead of LLCCRR. Simply swapping the left and center channels onto the center and left monitors works around this issue.
      2. After reboot, DDMA drops one of the monitors out of the configured group. DDMA has to be disabled, then reconfigured after each reboot to restore the configuration to a working state.