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When can we expect a new Crimson Driver update for the Carizzo chips including Linux (Ubuntu 16.04) version?

Question asked by bossbob88 on May 20, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 12, 2016 by bossbob88


I'm a kind of a FANboy of you and I really like your new driver policy/philosophy! That's a really good way to go!!!!

I have an HP Pavilion with an A10-8700P+R7 M360 and the last official driver update was not in the recent months...

I know that you are not doing that good financially nowadays and there might be tons of work to do, but I would like to know, when are you planing to roll out a new Crimson driver (including Linux version for the new Ubuntu) for the Carrizo chips?

There are some rumors, that you might release the new excavator desktop Carrizo kind of APUs for AM4 in June. If so, then I assume you will also release new drivers for them and can we expect new drivers for the existing notebook Carrizo chips as well?


Thank you for the answer!