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My screen goes off when I play some kind of a demanding game

Question asked by sonered on May 20, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 30, 2016 by getlogan

Hello there...

I just bought a new MSI Radeon r9 380 4GB and installed her and the drivers but every time I play a demanding game or try to stream my screen tells me "no signal" and I can still listen to the sound of the game or the music I had in my background.


For example when Im playing League of legends or Darksiders or Black Ops 3 everything is fine no problems. But 5 minutes inside Ryse:Son of Rome and boom it goes off. And its not like I have low fps or anything (around 62-70fps).

So I use windows 10  and an FX-8350 Cpu and 8Gb of DDR3 ram.

With my previous Asus HD7770 2Gb I had zero crashes... Never ever crashed (also I had no crimson drivers). So i guess it must be the drivers. Should I go at a previous version and if so how to do that?


Thanks for your Help