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    30 FPS in Doom with Sapphire R9 390,


      Can anyone help?  I'm getting really frustrated with the terrible performance of a $500 video card.  Really regretting not getting an NVidia.


      Got the latest drivers ( and have experienced similar poor performance (with GTA V and Fallout 4) ever since I got the new PC.


      Set graphics to ultra, with shadows on high and played with v-sync both on and off.  Done all of this and more with the other games and still get rubbish performance.


      i5-6600k, 8 gig ram, windows 10.


      Any help is appreciated.

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          I knowticed no one answered this.I have seen videos of a person stating that even on his Nvidia card.I a dark blue zone.Yes i forget the name.The performance dropped down to 30fps.Trust me when i say this.Its in the game.An that game happens to be optimized like garbage.Stinking sour garbage.I recommend not getting Bethesda games till they get their act together.