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DVI and HDMI fine alone, tearing while together?

Question asked by silentwarrior on May 19, 2016
Latest reply on May 20, 2016 by silentwarrior

I noticed someone seemed to have a similar issue a year ago, but it didn't feel right necroing that thread...


So: I have a R9 270 (I think), and a DVI/DP/VGA monitor (using DVI - Samsung SyncMaster SA650). All fine so far, picture's great and steady. Then I figured I'd use HDMI for sound output, connecting that to a receiver while still using DVI for my monitor. With the HDMI cable connected, now all of a sudden the DVI video shows a lot of tearing, and possibly very uneven rendering times. What gives? Is this a known issue? Is there a known workaround?

I haven't gamed with this setup a lot, but I don't think the tearing is as pronounced for the HDMI video (receiver's video output connected to a TV)...