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    Some missing settings on Crimson .

      • AMD R9 380 4gb Sapphire Nitro
      • Windows 7 64bit
      • Radeon Software Crimson Edition 16.5.2
      • GA-X58A-UD3R (rev. 1.0)
      • i7 920


      Hello AMD forum,

      here the  settings missing in my Crimson.


      2color temperature.png



      ccc missing settings.png


      I've tried everything, trust meFresh install, update, downgrade (especially for the fan option), DDU....all.

      What can i do?

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          Your Target Temperature and Max Fan settings are the automatic fan control. There are no more settings. Feel lucky you have those features...most other people don't. They have to use some third party program.

          You can see what my R9 290 is set at....temp never exceed 76c and fan speed never rises over 63%.

          Screenshot_1 (8).png

          You need to lower your Target Temperature and move your power limit to +20.


          This may be of help > AMD graphics performance




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            • Re: Some missing settings on Crimson .

              I also use msi afterburner.

              I really don't understand why they don't stick for a simple "automatic fan"?  It' been like this for years.

              Why don't i have color temperature or other desktop settings?

              It'd be great to have a guide for each option in crimson, many complain the lack of this.

              For example the obscure installation options.

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                  Afterburner has been a issue with SOME users as it conflicts with Crimson settings, The automatic fan change is a improvement. You set the max temperature (Target Temperature) you want the gpu to run at, and the fan control does the rest. The 'old' "automatic" fan control never worked for me anyhow...always had to manually set my fan speed at 60-70%.

                  The color settings you are referring to are still there....Preferences > Radeon Additional Settings.

                  Speaking of guides for what each option is for...I'll bet you have "Enable Surface Format Optimization" enabled, don't you?

                  It's a new day....and things change. Google is your friend.