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5850 and 7750 aren't supported byt PerfStudio 3,4 And 3,5 (PerfStudio supported hardware unsupported!)

Question asked by camaytoc on May 19, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 8, 2016 by Lonesled


I've tried both locally and remotely with two 5850 (different firmware) and a 7750 but I still get the message Hardware not supported when I tried to profile. I get another error message when I try to do a frame debugger: "

---The only version that is working is the PerfStudio 3.3. Unfortunately, frame debugger and profiler are crashing when I grab a frame with too many drawcalls (I guess over 6 000 or something).---


I was hoping that the new version are giving more stability but I had the same error.


In the documentation of all 3 version, it is stated that the 5000, 7000 series (etc.) are supported hardware. Can someone point me out in which direction I would have to go? I need to get those tools to work asap we're in crunch time finalizing a AAA game.


Thanks you!