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AMD Opteron 6300 series diagnostic

Question asked by girya on May 19, 2016

Hello.  I have 8 processors AMD Opteron OS6168WKTCEGO which have been removed from a 2x bad H8QG6-F motherboards. This motherboards have burned MOSFETs in CPU power chain.


Now I dont know which one of this processors is working and which one is bad. There is no trases of scale or physical damage on CPUs contacts.


I tried to install one of this processors in a new working motherboard. When I set power on the MOSFETs on new m/b have burned.


Is there any way to know which one of this CPUs are good without installing it in motherboard? Maybe there is a testing stand or something I can buy?


As far as I know there is no AMD authorized service centers in Russia. I tried to talk with my reseller and an official distibutors but they wont help.


Thank you and sorry for my English