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    390 housefire


      Is 80-90 degrees @ stock considered acceptable WITH aftermarket cooling?


      This is a  joke i thought they fixed this with the 290 back in 2013 when i had one but NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO


      polaris better solve this or im done for good.

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          please provide more information about the specific model of r9 390 and describe your systems airflow.

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            Aftermarket cooling with temps of 80/90o?


            Either the Aftermarket cooler is rubbish, you haven't installed it correctly, or you have damaged the chip. The 390 isnt a heat problem card, and I trust these temps are after some time at 100% load right? If so its a little hot but normal for a stock air cooler so go back and reinstall your aftermarket cooler with ample thermal paste on the naked GPU die (as opposed to a CPU with a cap needing very little in comparison, often overlooked). Most likely your issue here.


            Polaris will be very light on power, because its a baby GPU.

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              Perfectly acceptable, anything 94c or lower is safe. If you want lower temperatures, increase the fan speed using Overdrive.