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      MILLENNIUM - (under construction)

      The name got stuck back when i used Matrox Graphics Cards, i did had a ATI Rage Fury on loan before but a G400 Max was the sucessor. Later i moved back to ATI with a 9000Pro instead of buying a Matrox Parhelia. I made my move to 9700Pro and since then: 9800Pro; X1950Pro and HD4870.


      Upgrade Plan:


      CPU: AMD FX8370

      MB: ASUS M5A97 EVO

      PSU: Corsair Hx750i

      SSD: Add another R7 240Gb for RAID

      GPU: ASUS R9 380X


      Color scheme: Brit Flag Red&Blue

      Trying out a multi color LED for the night


      Need to buy in a hurry:

      - CPU Aux cable extender.

      - Thermosleeve to "hide" the GPU power cables or at least turn them black.




      CPUAMD Phenom II 965BE
      CoolerZalman CNPS 8000
      MotherboardASUS M4785TD V EVO
      MemoryCorsair Vengeance 8Gb LP
      GraphicsAMD/ATI ASUS HD4870 2Gb
      Disc Drive 1AMD R7 SSD 240Gb
      Disc Drive 2AMD R7 SSD 240Gb (soon)
      Optical DriveDVD (need external case)
      CaseCorsair 450D
      ExtrasMulticolor Led Lighting (installing)




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          Ecologic AKA Tiny Tim

          This is the lowest i can get to build a very cheap computer for my weekends away from the city.


          A lot of you may ask why this particular low end APU, why not a A8 or A10. Well, i bought all of these for a little under 100€ or 111USD, so its quite cheap allright, no other part would cost me this low. Even if you try building a Celeron J1800 system, this would cost at least 80€ (98USD) here. Instead of that, i spent 65USD on APU+MOBO (brand new), 20USD on a really old screen, 10 for GPU about 15 for DDR3 modules, hdd and case. I could've bought a used CPU too but when you buy used stuff, you don't always get what you want.


          I got windows 10 running smooth and Deus Ex Human Revolution in playable condition (35-40fps) with 1680x1050 resolution, low settings of course, not everything on low but almost. I setup the Tiny Tim in a 22inch screen but the budget only allowed myself a 19inch so i guess 1280x1024 will give me a boost in fps while playing some games, plus getting the settings to medium, perhaps.

          I had a great fun building it and i wanted to know how good can be the low budget hardware, plus, spending too much on a computer that will work less than a couple of hours on weekends its just not a good ideia, a laptop could do the trick better but its alot more expensive.



          It will play DX HR at decent levels and Bioshock 1&2 pretty well. Surfing the net (which was the primary goal) is just easy piece of cake.


          I'd say..

          Mission Accomplished!






          CPUAMD Athlon 5150 @2Ghz
          MotherboardASUS AM1M-A
          MemoryCorsair 2Gb XMS III
          GraphicsAMD ASUS HD6670 1Gb
          Disc Drive 1Toshiba 2.5 7200rpm 320Gb
          Optical Drive
          Samsung DVD
          Not Known
          Revoltec Low Noise Fan