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Repeating BSOD & PC freezing during driver install.

Question asked by rabidus on May 18, 2016



I'm using Windows 7 x64


I own a Sapphire 290, i've had this card since the product was launched in late 2014.

Recently i decided to upgrade the rest of my hardware, everything except my hard drives and my GPU was upgraded.


I went from a Z77 Motherboard and I5 3450 to a Z170A MSI board and a 6700K. I also upgraded the PSU from 650W to 750W.


After swapping all the bits and pieces, i managed to install everything except the Catalyst drivers. The driver install would completely freeze my system at "Checking system" or BSOD during installation.



I checked the RAM with a diagnostic tool, and tried all the guides available on the almighty google. When everything was said and done i decided to try installing these drivers with my old rig and i had NO PROBLEMS AT ALL. 


Eventually i called quits and reinstalled Windows on my brand new setup again. This temporarily solved the problem, now that the latest drivers are out im experiencing the same problem again.


So here's what's done:

Updated MOBO Bios to latest version.

Tried cleaning drivers with both AMD tool & Guru 3D DDU.
Tried a rollback, installing drivers from DVD. And the very latest drivers, and some in the middle.

Tested RAM with diagnostic tool.

No problem installing these with old rig.

Card has worked flawlessly for about 3 weeks since i did the Windows reinstall.



I absolutely refuse to reinstall Windows again just for some GPU drivers, setting everything takes up too much time and i've got better things to do.