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no 60hz on 4k + black screen  R9290 Sapphire vapour-x

Question asked by voitek82 on May 18, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 7, 2016 by voitek82
Since the newest drivers updates - i think last 2 versions of  crimson software - i started experiencing display problems on my Philips Bdm4065uc monitor(with displayport 1.2 settings on)-


OriginaLY  i had it plugged via mini Displayport- and then once loged into windows - the screen turned black and monitor had been no longer recognizing any signal send to it from the graphic card- and monitor had  switches off - but obviously system was responding- sound and keyboard etc. After reset of the system i could again enter bios or use safe mode but picture was displaying only up to the windows load stage. I thought its a cable so i changed it to Display port (both cables are capable of 4k 60hz resolution)

after cable change- at logging to windows stage- screen switches off but turns back on it self - so thats a progress. But i cannot  not use 60hz 4k settings as there is no such option - and when i try to create this resolution (via AMD software)  it says i cannot.


I decided to re install whole system !!! and funny thing  is that with no drives i can run 64hz but in lower resolution ( ( screen is able to display 75hz)

Unfortunate no improvement noticed - once Crimson drives installed it wipes 4K 60HZ from settings.

Ok so i am using 30 hz and 4k 

my question is - why do i experience this problems with this product- to your information i think that Sapphire card i own is the best r9 290 card on the market in its category  i LOVE it and recommend to everyone one- but now - i am feed up with this issue (last drivers update come out on 17th May - yesterday ! and no improvement on this issue-  

To your knowledge - i own and checked CERTIFIED CABLES - but i do get a random error that the cable i use prevents from better settings- but that is not the case because i dont have option for 60hz 4k  after drivers installation and card disconnects connection to the monitr after logging to windows ( once AMD DRIVERS ARE ON)

I believe i do have all other software (motherboard drivers  ) up to date as i download them on the same day i instal AMD drivers from ASUS website

What causes the conflict and how to sort it out ? Is my card broken ?


Graphic  R9290 Sapphire vapour-x

Mother board asus ranger 7

intel i7 4970k

latest drivers

fresh windows 10 64ver - it happens on 8.1 as well - i cheacked

Ram - 16 gb Corsair

Cables- mini DP and DP - 1,2

\Power supply Corsair 650