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    no 60hz on 4k + black screen  R9290 Sapphire vapour-x

      Since the newest drivers updates - i think last 2 versions of  crimson software - i started experiencing display problems on my Philips Bdm4065uc monitor(with displayport 1.2 settings on)-


      OriginaLY  i had it plugged via mini Displayport- and then once loged into windows - the screen turned black and monitor had been no longer recognizing any signal send to it from the graphic card- and monitor had  switches off - but obviously system was responding- sound and keyboard etc. After reset of the system i could again enter bios or use safe mode but picture was displaying only up to the windows load stage. I thought its a cable so i changed it to Display port (both cables are capable of 4k 60hz resolution)

      after cable change- at logging to windows stage- screen switches off but turns back on it self - so thats a progress. But i cannot  not use 60hz 4k settings as there is no such option - and when i try to create this resolution (via AMD software)  it says i cannot.


      I decided to re install whole system !!! and funny thing  is that with no drives i can run 64hz but in lower resolution ( ( screen is able to display 75hz)

      Unfortunate no improvement noticed - once Crimson drives installed it wipes 4K 60HZ from settings.

      Ok so i am using 30 hz and 4k 

      my question is - why do i experience this problems with this product- to your information i think that Sapphire card i own is the best r9 290 card on the market in its category  i LOVE it and recommend to everyone one- but now - i am feed up with this issue (last drivers update come out on 17th May - yesterday ! and no improvement on this issue-  

      To your knowledge - i own and checked CERTIFIED CABLES - but i do get a random error that the cable i use prevents from better settings- but that is not the case because i dont have option for 60hz 4k  after drivers installation and card disconnects connection to the monitr after logging to windows ( once AMD DRIVERS ARE ON)

      I believe i do have all other software (motherboard drivers  ) up to date as i download them on the same day i instal AMD drivers from ASUS website

      What causes the conflict and how to sort it out ? Is my card broken ?


      Graphic  R9290 Sapphire vapour-x

      Mother board asus ranger 7

      intel i7 4970k

      latest drivers

      fresh windows 10 64ver - it happens on 8.1 as well - i cheacked

      Ram - 16 gb Corsair

      Cables- mini DP and DP - 1,2

      \Power supply Corsair 650

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          OK SO - the same the same screen- the same cable - bur NVIDIA GTX970  OC and NVIDIA  drivers

          -and i enjoy my 60hz on 40" with no problems on windows login- i tried  my best - i had contacted support & manufacture - they could not identify the problem - for them EVERYTHING is fine with drivers - it must be on my side - probably cable - probably screen.....-  good bye RADEON !!!!- case is now closed - whole my life wanted to save my self 50£ because amd is actually cheaper- but never again. 

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              I have the exact same problem with the Sapphire R9 290 and the same monitor. Could not get it to display 60Hz. The option would randomly show up but after selecting it the screen would flicker and revert back to 30Hz and the option would be gone again. Tried everything from re-plugging the card, changing cables and reinstalling the drivers. The fact that it can display 4k@64Hz when no driver is installed is what makes me believe that this is because of their crappy driver. Not happy, switching to NVIDIA.

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                  Hi !!!

                  I am glad its not only me!!!!!!!!!!

                  No I was unable to fix this problem and it was driving me mad- exactly like you are saying - it was there one time and then it was not etc  - I like to take advantage of the items i buy and i expect them to be fully working- to me its clearly down to drivers - win 10 64bit

                  I was left on my own with this problem. Sapphire support suggest to contact shop i got it from - and yes is  did - Amazon accepted it they will issue full refund- but truth is the card is not faulty ! - but i dont care really - it does not work properly  on my set up !!!

                  Its a shame because gtx 970  or 980 IS NOT ANY MUCH STRONGER THEN THIS RADEON in my experience but it cost more - I play Warhammer - dont play FPS like Battlefield

                  Since i have gtx no black screen at all!!!!!!!