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    Crossfire R9 280x crash/BSOD


      So I recently got another ASUS R9 280x DCUII card, though It's caused a lot of problems...

      When I start Battlefield 4 with Crossfire on the game loads for like 10-20 seconds then it freezes, the sounds keep going, but the screen is just stuck. You have to do a hard reset to fix it... Though when it freezes it first only freeze the middle screen (the on the game is on) but then after like 5 more second all the screens freeze (I got 3 in total).

      So I though that it might be a driver issue, but that wasn't it as when I tried 16.3.2 I got the exact same problem.

      Running other smaller games like Prison Architect works fine, but then that doesn't utilize crossfire so yeah...

      I haven't clocked the cards at all. I've even tried under-clocking them as I though that the problem may be because my PSU doesn't have enough power as when I used the Cooler master PSU calculator it showed that load wattage was 789 W. See image here http://imgur.com/DDEw8m2

      The temps are fine, got a well ventilated case and the cards don't go over 60-70 on full load.


      Another problem I discovered today is that if I run say BF4 in windowed mode it runs fine.

      Also when I tried running FurMark to test the cards I got the "thread stuck in device driver" BSOD.



      My Specs:

      2x ASUS R9 280x

      Corsair 16 GB RAM

      ASUS Z87 Pro Motherboard

      Intel i7 4770k  @ 3.5 GHz

      Running WIndows 8.1 x64

      EVGA SuperNOVA G2 750W


      Would appreciate any advice on what I could do. I'm just really tried of all this and kinda wish I nerver got the second card, even thinking about selling it...



      So I seem to have found a temporary fix, which is to turn off Frame Pacing in the AMD control panel, though this only partially fixes it since some games still crash when running them with crossfire forcing you to have to turn crossfire off for those games if you want to play them...

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          If you are not using Crimson already I suggest you give it a try. Ensure you run DDU (Display Driver Uninstaller) in Windows safemode beforehand with any new driver install.


          CrossFire does not activate in any other screen mode apart from exclusive fullscreen, so if you're running an application or game in windowed or fullscreen borderless window mode your second card will not activate.


          Whilst troubleshooting, disable the overclock on your CPU if you have not already done so and revert any other non-standard modifications to stock.


          I would also advise against using Furmark. In my opinion, it's akin to abuse and stresses your cards to a point you will never push the card in real-world usage. Rather test by running 3Dmark in a loop or any of the Unigine benchmarks. Even a graphically intense game such as Crysis 3 is a better option in my opinion. To gauge GPU usage, temps and framerate within a game, I've found CAM to be very low resource easy to use utility (No need to create an account, it still works without one).

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              Yeah, I got today, but still got the same problem, and as I've tried 16.3.2 I don't feel as like it's a driver issue. And yeah I always use DDU in safemode.


              I haven't overclocked my CPU anything at the moment, everything is stock.


              The reason I wanted to try FurMark was to test the cards, to se if the same thing happened there as in BF4, since I've tried the heaven benchmark before and that seems to work fine. I wanted to see if the problem was related to power consumption/load. The strange thing was that as soon as I activated the FurMark benchmark I got the BSOD, not like in BF4 where it take some seconds before it freezes...


              So I don't really know what to thing, I've tried everything I could think of except switching the cards to test the second card, but I doubt that is it.


              Anyways thanks for your answer!