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Server graphics card for RFX-DDA (remoting protocol support under Win Server 2012R2 & 2016TP5)

Question asked by bavo on May 18, 2016



I'm currently researching two solutions for a school I work for:

1. a RDSH 'terminal server' with +/- 15 thin clients: for this config I'm just wondering what a GPU might add, there is no real GPU acceleration involved except possibly in the H264 hardware encoder to compress the adapted gfx before sending them to the clients. So my questions regarding this config:

1A. a more basic FirePro card will probably be able to do this, if so which model would fit my needs? (Servers are mostly Dell PowerEdge or T-series)

1B. in WS2016 there will be AVC/H264 4:4:4 encoding added by MS, so they use AVC for video, pictures AND text: will this also be supported (meaning accelerated) by the hardware encoder of said Firepro GPU?


See Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) 10 AVC/H.264 improvements in Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016 Technical Preview | Remote…  for more details about AVC 4:4:4.


2. a RDVH 'virtual desktop server' (Hyper-V) with same amount of clients, possibly more: specifically regarding WS2016 (which I plan to use) I have the following questions.

2A. are there any FirePro cards validated by AMD to fully support RFX vGPU & will they support the new features coming in WS2016 (more graphics API's are supported)?

2B. there will be a (new) technology DDA - direct device assignment - which assigns a PCIe device, like a GPU, directly to a VM (this could even be used in RDSH configs according to Microsoft, although it is unclear how the GPU resource would be shared between RDP sessions). My question is will this be supported on existing FirePro or other cards ; and if the cards are multi-GPU, will it be possible to mix RFX vGPU and DDA within the same card? (so one GPU could function as RFX vGPU & the other could be directly assigned to a VM)


Thanks for all useful info regarding AMD support for these remoting (& other) protocols.


Best regards,

Bavo Bostoen