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AMD gaming PC

Question asked by jlittle90 on May 17, 2016
Latest reply on May 18, 2016 by jlittle90

This is my amd gaming and editing pc that i have had for quite some time just upgrade the hardware from time to time. the cpu has been the only thing i haven't changed the past few years. The pictures are from the build in its old case which was an nzxt source 220.

Specs of the pc are- cpu: amd fx 8320 @ 4.2 GHz, cooler: cooler master hyper 212 evo, motherboard: Asus 970 pr gaming aura, ram: 8 gb corsair vengeance 1866, graphics card: xfx radeon r9 380 dd 4 gb, psu: evga supernova 750 b2, storage: pny 240 gb cs2211 ssd and western digital blue 1 tb (soon to add a radeon r9 series 480 gb ssd and 3 tb western digital black), case: fractal design define s ( new and current case), fans: 2 fractal gp-14( 1 front intake 1 rear exhaust), 2 nzxt 120 led fans( front intakes)

Fantastic for playing games at 1080p@60 fps on high settings. Takes any game i throw at without a problem.

I do plan on going with custom water-cooling but not for some time but want to replace the cooler with something a little better so either plan on going with a corsair h110i gtx or a be quiet dark rock tf as its top flow dual fan design might help cool the vrms and the socket a little better than the h110i would. what do think? any of you own either one and give feedback or any other thoughts.