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subnautica - drivers falling

Question asked by resyk on May 17, 2016

I have issue with the game , no matter what I do, sometimes just float sometimes I scan the surroundings. game stuck suddenly appears a white screen and a message that the game is not responding. when I play full screen so happens to fall about 5 minutes when I play the game windowed and falls for about 10 minutes .

Every time my graphic drivers will fall and a must restart pc to reboot drivers, after it a can play game for 10 mins max and driver will fall again.

I try to install latest drivers but nothing change i will be almost mad from this driver falling can you help me??? i don't want kill my pc whit shotgun


PS: last thing what i can try is reinstall whole win 7 x64 ultim.



CPU: amd FX 8350 black 4Ghz

SSD: OCZ vertex 4 128GB

GPU: Radeon HD 6950 DC2

Ram: 8GB