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      rebuilt from upgrade leftovers. when I repair, upgrade, build pc for others and a (few parts when I have some funds)

      This little gem has nothing fancy. Used xfx card that fails at time )( hate when screen just cuts out  or open a web browser and it looks like Nintendo Mario ( old 8 bit) cause the card gets wonky.  When it runs it runs good. I have to  the system overclocked to about 4ghz with the water cool system.  The graphic card was put in only after  I rebuilt a co worker's son computer and he was still playing WOW on a gt8800 card. I hooked him up my gt 610 in it for him and did a few spare parts upgrades for he could do more than 15 fps. After they left I came ot realize my older 275 didn't fit the case and went scrape part hunting. and got this card in a little shop  for 50 bucks and been nursing it along until I can afford a nicer card. Sucks cause i don't  get to game much ( only played 3 matches of MWO  in 3 months I think cause after a match it starts heating up and crashes . ( with fans at 100% and 2 case fans pushing more cool air in. ) since I bought it used I can see about getting it looked at.



      Upload your rig photos here!





      CPUamd fx8320
      Cooleralphacool water cooling kit
      MotherboardGigbyte 970a-d39
      Memory16 gig ddr 3
      Graphicsxfx r7 260x
      Disc Drive 1ssd240
      Disc Drive 21tb
      Disc Drive 3{drive3}
      Casediy  full tower ( top cut to mount rad)
      Monitorasus lcd (21 in)