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      Describe your system:

      • AMD R9 270X
      • Desktop
      • Operating System
        • Windows 7 Professional 64- bit
      • Motherboard
        • Asus Z97-P
      • CPU/APU
        • i5-4690k @ 3.50Ghz
      • Power Supply Unit  Make, Model & Wattage
        • Thermaltake SMART 750W 80+ Bronze
      • 8 Gb RAM




      Describe your issue:

      1 week ago my PC kept having my display drivers crash so I did a clean installation of the current AMD drivers but when I restarted my PC I got a BSOD after it booted. I uninstalled the drivers using DDU and tried to reinstall the drivers but still got a BSOD. Is this an issue with the AMD drivers or some sort of hardware issue? My graphics card is showing up as "Standard VGA Graphics Adapter" under the display drivers. I removed and resat the graphics card to make sure it wasn't loose and made sure everything is connected correctly but nothing worked. My PC was working fine up until I downloaded the drivers. Is this a hardware issue or an issue with the AMD drivers.

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          It is a little bit of both

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            Ignoring the super-helpful (NOT) answer the use above me gave, here is mine:


            I got almost the same problem. Since the last driver update I'm gettin BSODs (calling STOP commands) over and over. (mostly while playing games based on the unreal engine? could be coincidence...). The reason for me is the crashing driver. Checked it several times. The driver crashes, can't restart (because reasons...) and calls a STOP BSOD. Awesome.

            We are not the only ones with these problems since the last REAL driver update (not the f*cking useless 3MB updates for this useless UI). I'm also using the R9 270X.

            I've tried many things already, nothing worked. Wrote several support tickets (a few days ago), received no answer yet.

            Just check these forums and all the BSOD problems. For me it's my first and last AMD graphics card. This is BS(OD)...

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                Already hapened something similar to me, after instaling drivers had random bsod.. the reason was na incorrectly installed drivers, some kind of inconpability between drivers and win defender.


                I solved my problema, by starting Windows in safe mode and install DDU to completely remove my drivers. after new drivers installation all was good.

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              • Re: BSOD

                Can you use System Restore to before this started happening?


                What is the BSOD error code?


                What driver were you installing?


                If you perform a clean installation of Windows as recommended above, do it in the following order.


                1. Clean Install Windows.

                2. Fully Update Windows, installing all updates. This could take some time on Windows 7. but it's important.

                3. Install the Crimson Hotfix drivers.

                4. Test performance.

                5. Install other software, antivirus, etc.