AMD FireRays SDK Developmet Thread & Feedback (Thread for offical Firerays Dev)

Discussion created by kingbadger3d on May 17, 2016

Hi Guys,


Love the work AMD have been doing lately. Brilliant to see AMD's commitment to open source taking a massive leap forward and addressing all the old issues with drivers and support.


Fingers crossed when Zen gets released things get even more interesting and true competition in the CPU space is reborn, AMD CPU's being widely adopted in consumer and server space systems is good for everyone.


I was lucky enough for Mr Dmitry Kozlov to share the Firerays API binaries with me a while back, Loved playing with it. Started on a intergration with UE4 for Light bakes but my time is limited and havnt been able to give it as much time as i would of liked. But now with the full source being released to firerays things should really pick up speed with the API's adoption.


Ive been playing with the Firerays 2.0 release, And discovered a big issue with quality above 1280x720 Res. I also had this issue with the last firearys library released on git a few weeks back. If i role back to the binaries from 2-3 months back this resolution issue doesnt appear, so not a driver issue i would say.


But just to try to help the AMD boys and girls determine what the issue is ive created a quick video showing the issue. Hope it helps.


Ive also named this thread to make it easier for Devs and users or those interested in the API on place on the Dev forums to come to see whats new, Fixed, and planned with the API. Hope AMD accepts this thread as the new home of Firerays Dev feedback and testing. Just makes things easier in one place.


Anyway here's the video of the issue, These weird black tris appear at random in scene's above 1280x720. If at 1280x720 the issues don't arrise. Weird.


Seems you cant link direct video in here so follow the link.


FireRaysBreaks At over 1280x720res - YouTube