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dedicated R9 265x not working

Question asked by rasseru on May 17, 2016

Hi people


Ive been trying to get this to work all day...


Toshiba satellite P50t - B 113

R9 265x

Intel HD 4600

win 10

latest bios (1.5?)


Basically wanted to play some games on my laptop.  Terrible performance.


disable the Intel integrated = everything AMD not working


tried everything, including:


every option to high performance from Intel or AMD control centers


Resetting windows 10

removing everything AMD/ATI

Updating windows

DDU wipe of everything AMD/ATI

Fresh install


Nothing will run, not any aRPG, not even Enter the Gungeon.   I haven't gamed much on this laptop but have played some indie games and having Enter the Gungeon with 5-10FPS and laggy screen tearing is ridiculous. Other games in graphics options are showing that I'm using the Intel.


My Bios doesn't allow disabling the Intel from there.


GPUz and HW monitor shows the graphics card being there.


Another weird thing, this time round my device manager is showing the card as being a R9 M200x, don't know if that is relevant.


Also had a few application install fails when trying to freshly install Crimson.  This time round I didn't have any..