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    Another driver with directx 9 broken.  r9 295x2


      Another driver in which directx 9 games are broken using the r9 295x2.


      Crossfire does not disable still.


      Games are stuttery and hitch constantly


      Games have flashing textures and shadows.


      All directx 9 games.


      Yet another report to fill in

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          Can you give me a couple of examples to test on DX9?


          What OS are you using?

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              Matt I am using Windows 10

              Every dx 9 game has issues.




              X rebirth

              Arma 2

              All half life games

              Crossfire does not disable.

              Shadows flicker and flash randomly in many of them now. This started with the driver that had the supossed fix for the non disabling crossfire.


              Using Radeon Pro again, crossfire does disable but it clearly still has issues.


              Skyrim radeonpro.JPG


              That is Skyrim using Radeon pro. Crossfire disabled in a profile.


              Again notice how the usage spikes up and down from 0 to 100.

              Notice that the card with out usage is hotter than the card with the usage.


              These problems have been there on the r9 295x2 since windows 10 came out especially with Directx 9. Many people are having issues with Windows 10 and the R9 295x2.


              I don't think crossfire is working properly in dx9 games and possibly other dx versions too. Even when we manage to disable crossfire with ether Radeon Pro or the one driver that had the crossfire fix for dx9 it still does not act correctly. This bug might not be there in other cards but has been a problem for r9 295x2 owners for a long time even before Crimson drivers came out. I have tested them all.


              If crossfire cards are a problem then maybe AMD should discontinue making them.


              All dx 9 games have these spikes.


              I have completed reports many times regarding these issues and get no feedback at all.


              Again just using AMD software you can not disable crossfire for any dx9 game. There are flickering shadows in many of them now too since the last 3 drivers. Usage spikes constantly up and down.


              They all stutter and have hitches constantly.


              I know how to install drivers, I know about ULPS and I know my way around my own pc regarding drivers and windows. I know about the power settings of the card.


              This is a AMD driver issue for Windows 10 and the r9 295x2  and it is about time that this was looked into properly. I will not be buying another AMD product as drivers have been shocking and since windows 10 the r9 295x2 has been a waste of money and not the flagship card it was advertised as at the time. It is not just one or two minor issues many people are having complete breaking problems it has become a joke. I have little time now for gaming and when I do I simply can not play the games properly due to the drivers. Windows 10 has been out for a long time now there is no excuse anymore.


              All previous windows had no problems with the card


              If drivers are not going to fix these issues will I be given a different working card replacment so I can actually do what I have paid to do? Does the r9 295x2 actually support dx 9 in windows 10? If so then it needs a working driver.


              I have re installed windows many times and installed just amd drivers and it does it straight away so it is not my windows install.

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                  Please update to Crimson and toggle CrossFire off globally under Radeon Settings > Global Settings.

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                      no crossfire setting inglobal.JPG


                      There has not been a crossfire setting like that in any crimson driver in global for me it was taken out.


                      I am using that driver.


                      Mine is the r9 295x2.

                      The picture you provided is for the Pro Duo totally different cards.


                      You need to test it with the r9 295x2 and you will see all the problems with Windows 10.


                      It is not just the crossfire that is broken for dx9 games it is also how the games perform and actually run. The card usage is broken through all windows 10 drivers.

                      The usage spike up and down from 0 to 100 in all dx 9 games. The games have flickering shadows, they also have stutters and hitches and the memory is used poorly.

                      The driver team need to look at this properly as it has gone on long enough. There is not a single driver I can roll back to to get the card fully working properly with windows 10, which is a joke. All dx 9 games are unplayable.

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                          I'm getting a 295x2 shortly, I'll update you on what i find out.

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                              Also the cards clocks still downclock when using boarderless windowed mode this issue has also still not been fixed for this card.


                              Yes crossfire will not work in boarderless windowed mode but the clocks should stay up at full when gaming but they do not still. They fluctuate constantly.


                              ULPS is disabled and also power settings are always at 50% highest setting for my card.


                              The downclocking of the clocks still happens when crossfire is disabled in non dx 9 games too. So this issue clearly has not been fixed for the r9 295x2,


                              Just tested in Assasins creed unity. This also has flashing shadows on trees if set to high, have to set it to low to stop it.

                              In boarderless windowed mode the clocks fluctuate constantly. In full screen clocks stay at full 1018. Power settings make no difference. This should not be hapening when gaming.


                              This is not a currupted windows install or a driver install error it is simply broken drivers. There has to be problems due to the card being two cards in one and how the drivers are dealing with this.

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                                And also the card also never syncs properly to 60hz If I use the amd frame rate limiter and match my screens hz it always has a constant tear line in the middle of the screen, due to it not actually syncing to 60 htz but to something like 59.5 or something. This is on all games.


                                If I change my monitor to 59 hz and frame limit to 59 the same occurs. No combination of settings can get a smooth matched framerate without a constant tear line somewhere on he screen.


                                Again this does not happen if I use my gtx680 with the same monitor and same connection type. I get a smooth 60 fps and no tear line.

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                          Arma 2 stutters and the  shadows on the trees and the trees themselves flicker.

                          Again this does not happen on my gtx680 or on the r9 295x2 in previous windows. Can not disable crossfire in a profile.


                          All the dx 9 games play perfectly on the gtx 680 and peform much better the difference is night and day.

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                          I too am having the same issues now with Direct X 9 games. This was a problem before and my work around is playing in windowed mode, which is less than ideal. The games I start up now flash black for a while and nothing happens, I need to end task to get out of it.





                          win 10