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    AMD Freesync Does not work in BF4 with mantle...


      So I've had this LG Freesync monitor for over a year and a pair of 390x gfx cards. AMD still has yet to get it working. I seeing page tearing and flicker everywhere. In Battlefield 4 using mantle, freesync doesn't even seem to be on. I guess I Should have gone with g-sync and NVidia because honestly this is sad. The frames stay within the monitors sync rate 48-75, Capped at 60 and still nothing but problems. I got the monitor and gfx cards so I didn't have to play with v-sync because of the lag it makes. But AMD's answer seems to be just flip on v-sync again. So thanks AMD for not following through! The whole point of freesync and g-sync was to eliminate page tearing without v-sync and triple buffering's latency... so instead of making you product work as advertised you are abandoning your users who have invested a great deal into you company. Ya ya the latency it makes isn't a lot, but it is enough to make First person shooters unplayable. If I would have got NVidia gfx cards and a g-sync monitor I would have the advantage I paid for... So whats your excuess this time? This isn't a user error... everything on my side is fine.