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r9 290 fanspeed stuck

Question asked by brianvd2 on May 18, 2016
Latest reply on May 20, 2016 by amdmatt



I have got a troublesome club3d r9 290 royalking.

The fanspeeds won't change neither automaticly or manually, I have tried the following things.


-     installing latest driver

-     deinstalling drivers with ddu and installing ccc 13 from original cd

-     using msi afterburner and royalflush to try and change it

-     pushing against the fans to see if there is movement

-     installing the card in a diffrent pc

-     trying to flash the bios to a reference bios, would'nt work because of "no adapter found" error with winatiflash

-     attaching the fans of a club3d 7970 to see if it could control those fans. They did spin just fine but werent recognised in any software


Neither of these things made any diffrence.

So at this point its all pretty hopeless because installing a diffrent cooler didnt work either, seems its destined for the trashcan.

Does someone have any idea what to try next?