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atikmpag.sys   – Driver crashing & Locking Windows

Question asked by mpsheen on May 17, 2016
Latest reply on May 22, 2016 by mpsheen

Hi All,

I have an issue with my card which has re-surfaced, This happened not long after I brought the card but sorted itself out during the RMA period but now I’m out of that its happened again so I think I could have been sold a dud card?


The issue:
The entire machine will randomly lock up, Screens go black.
Sometimes see a mis-match of colours.

It can be day’s weeks before it happens, Or it can happen 10 times a night. Something specifically seems to set it off.
The card is not really pushed and it’s in a well-designed setup and kept cool – not a bodge build.


Trouble shooting:
Fresh install
Gone back to windows 7 and then back to windows 10 – happened on all rebuilds, approx. 5
Tried another graphics card (didn’t happen but then its sporadic)
Swapped power supplies
Ran windows from a hard drive to rule out my SSD at the time which had errors
Swapped out RAM
Reverted overclock from CPU (PC is cooled well all over)
Rolled back driver versions
Used different drivers for the motherboard & now all up to date
Updated my Mother board Bios
Tried upping the voltage to the 7870 a tiny amount because of age.
sfc /scannow

Bios settings to default
ran mem test(s)
Ran Future mark for a while
Ran CPU burn tests both on old overclock and on stock settings

Im sure i have tried more than the above

Propped up the other end of the card to keep it level in the PCI slot / doesnt droop







What I got to work:
When I moved my graphics card into a slower PCI slot, it worked fine.
After a while I moved it back into the x16 slot and it worked fine.
Then after a while after that the issue re-surfaced.


Memory dump points to three things
atikmpag.sys   - atikmpag.sys+cf50
dxgkrnl.sys - dxgkrnl.sys+1411dc
dxgmms2.sys - dxgmms2.sys+1e481


Event viewer:

sometimes this gets stuck in a loop until the pc is turned off and back on

"Display driver amdkmdap stopped responding and has successfully recovered."


Machine Specs:
intel 3770k – stock speeds
16 GB Geil Ram
Samsung SSD – health all good
asus p8z77-v lx mother board – latest bios
MSI Hawk 7870 graphics card – stock speed voltages ect..

I am at a total loss, to me the issue is pointing towards Motherboard or graphics card.

I am planning on getting a new card at some point, After a google it seems a lot of people have this issue which begs the question should I jump provider?
This wont be any time soon....

If anyone can provide any assistance it would be much appreciated.


Currently i am running driver version 16.150.2401.1002