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Does A8-7600 decode HEVC?

Question asked by ex-cession on May 17, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 20, 2017 by amdmatt

I recently realised that my PC is approaching 10yrs old so I decided it's time to build a new one!


I have a 4K TV, and as I'll only be using it for MSOffice and videos I think the only future-proofing I'll need is HEVC support for 4K video. But the only GPUs that seem to support HEVC are the ridiculously expensive, state of the art ones that are more expensive than entire new system.


I did some research and came across an article that mentioned that AMD's 6th generation APUs being capable of decoding HEVC, then immediately found three more that claimed that they didn't, and talked about VCE 2 not supporting it, and there being some kind of workaround with OpenCL.


It all seems a bit blurry and I really want to make sure I've got it right before I drop £200 on a new system that I want to keep for another 10yrs, all being well.


Anyway, I chose the A8 because it looks to be the cheapest 6th gen APU, and I'm not going to be gaming with it so there's no point in going high spec. I just need the HEVC support. Can someone give me a definitive answer?