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    My current PC (no name yet)


      Hello all!

      I guess I should introduce myself first, I go my RatBurger08 on many platforms, and I've been an avid PC gamer for upwards of 15 years now.


      My current PC build is of course AMD (is there even a choice?) And the specs are as follows:

      CPU - AMD FX 9370 w CM Season 240M cooling

      GPU - Nvidia GTX 970 "Titan cooler" best buy model. (Please help me go back to AMD,the price was just too good on this)

      MOBO - ASUS Sabertooth 990FX rev 2.0

      HDD/SSD - a mix of Intel & Samsung SSD's

      Case - InWin GRone with the top removed for rad fans.


      I plan on staying AMD forever, so here's to the friggin' RED team!!!!!