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DOOM opengl clone display bug

Question asked by dekaasboer on May 16, 2016

I have been running into a bug running openGL games. I first had this bug with wolfenstein. But now I allso have it with DOOM 2016. Perhaps it is assue with OpenGL?

All content is shown halfway down the screen:


Sometimes it does start full-screen but at a really low resolution. When I up the resolution I get the image half way down again.


I am running i dual-monitor set-up. I have cloned the image to my TV. When I disable the cloning by switching to a expanding set-up or when I remove the TV from the configuration everything runs fine. But it is a hassle switching my set-up around to game.


The set-up:

Windows 10

AMD 290x @ 16.5.2

Samsung syncmaster Connected via DVI @ 1920x1080

LG pk350 plasma tv connected via HDMI @ 1920x1080


Any suggestions?