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Radeon HD8670m not working at all

Question asked by harsp542 on May 16, 2016
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I have a dell inspiron 15r 5537 laptop

it came with the amd radeon hd8670m (2GB) pre-installed with intel i5 4200u and 2x8GB RAM and a touchscreen too.

i had the catalyst 13.201 drivers installed

i played call of duty adanced warfare on the lowest settings with very much ingame disturbance (like sometimes bsod, sometimes patches on the screen and game restart too)

after every 5 mins i had the error that the graphic driver stopped responding and has recovered and the worst part is that when the game works fine, the touchsreen doesn't work and vice versa. Now, i have the latest amd driver 16.5.2 installed and i am trying to run some games like gta 5 and assassin's creed syndicate on lowest settings...but none of them start at all and now

i get the stopped responding error everytime i start the game and sometimes i get bsod too and now the situation has got even worse that i can't even use youtube or start bluestacks....

i tried everything that i could do, i have searched the whole internet but didn't get a working solution, i can't get the touchscreen or the game to work.....please help someone.

i don't even know why i wasted so much money on the laptop if the graphic card and touch screen does not work