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Random "black screen lasting 5s" and "flickering blue lines"

Question asked by tonymontano on May 16, 2016

Hello, first of all i'm sorry for my english. I have an issu since yesterday when i first played doom (weird), basically some randoms "black screens pop up" lasting around 5sec each time. Its happening in game (not only doom), when im on the desktop and on google chrome. And i even saw some "blue lines flickering" on my desktop wallpaper (my wallpaper is black so its easier to see it), it looks like "rain" to describe it. I tried a lot of stuff, DDU, Amd unistaller utility, ccleaner, Tdr delay, allowing more "power limit" in msi afterburner, downclock, reinstalling drivers (new 16.5.2 and 16.3.2), all cores of th cpu are activated. What else can i say, all drivers are up to date, i have a custom resolution for cs go in radeon setting 1280*960 144hz, but never have problem with that. So i need your help please.


Specs :

- win 10 pro up to date

-r9 390x sapphire

-800w maw gold

-i7 4790k


and i bought this pc in august 2015