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A10-7870 right temperature?

Question asked by mcariusus on May 16, 2016
Latest reply on May 27, 2016 by mcariusus

*English is'nt my mother lenguage


Im new using AMD products and someone told me one day, that their cpus are a lil bit high in temperature.


I have the A10-7870K and the CPUID HWMonitor show me temperature around 65-70 °C and in-game like 82°C, In the other hand SPEEDFAN tells me only the Hard Drive and GPU status (lower than 40°C both) so i don't know wich one is right or wrong, but the deal is that my computer sudenly tourned off twice when i was playing, also feels hot when i touch the cabinet. So pleas what should i do?


My spec:

MB: gigabyte ga f2a68hm ds2h

Prossesor: A10-7870k

RAM: 16G

Power Supply: Edge Systems 500W

HD: 1T