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    The "Black Dahlia" budget power house gaming rig


      Greetings!  May I introduce you to the "Black Dahlia", my budget powerhouse gaming rig.  Thanks to some great AMD Faithful, I am able to enjoy plenty of great games at relatively high settings, without breaking the bank.



      ●AMD FX-8350 Black Edition

      ●AMD R7-360

      ●16gb FURY -X 1600 RAM

      ●1tb Western Digital HDD

      ●500w EVGA Continuous Power Supply

      ●Cooler Master Hyper T4

      ●Dual Cooler Master 120mm Sickle flow front fans


      I can get 45-60fps on Rust (on Beautiful )

      45-55fps on Arma 2 1080p.

      85fps Iracing 1080p.


      Thanks to the Cooler Master T4, core temps NEVER exceeded 45c even under heavy sustained load!


      I look forward to becoming part of the AMD enthusiast community.  You've all been really great so far!




      CPUAMD FX_8350
      CoolerCooler Master Hyper T4
      Motherboard78LMT-USB3 Gigabyte
      Memory16gb Kinston Fury -X
      GraphicsAMD R7-360
      Disc Drive 1Asus 24x DVD Burner
      Disc Drive 2Western Digital 1tb
      Disc Drive 3{drive3}
      PSUEVGA 500w+ Continuous
      CaseThermaltake Versa H22
      MonitorVizio M60-C3 60' 4K Tv