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    AMD X8 FX 8350 4.0 Ghz Temperature Problem


      How possible i have in idle (only stay in deskopt) the temperature varies from 18 ° degrees to 30/40 degrees? Old games like Pathologic Classic HD or Final Fantasy X // X-2 HD i have temperature 43° degrees? is normal?


      Other screenshots







      PC Specs:


      SO: Windows 10 64-Bit

      Case: Itek - Case DEFENDER - Gaming Middle Tower, USB3, 3x12cm fan, 2xfan control, Trasp Wind, Docking, Fan Front: 120mm Led Fan *2, Fan Top: 120mm Led Fan *2, Fan Back: 120mm Black.

      CPU: AMD X8 FX 8350 4.0 GHz

      MotherBoard : ASROCK 970 Extreme 3 R2.0


      SSD: Kingston 120 GB SATA3 || Letture sequenziali 2: SATA Rev. 3.0 fino a: 450MB/s || Scritture sequenziali2: SATA Rev. 3.0 fino a: 450MB/s V


      Alimentatore: iTek mPower 820W Modulare


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          Normal. AMD CPUs do not report the correct temperature under 40°C.

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            Hey, are you using the stock cooler? i also have an FX8350 and the cpu doens't heat that much... Why don't you install an monitoring software like Hwinfo64, there you will find the temp measured on the cpu itself and also the temp measured by  your Asrock mobo on socket, you will see that both temps have very similar values.. If they arent then you can have a problem.

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              The links do not open for me but the CPU temp is a function of load, ambient temp, airflow thru the case and cooler thermal capacity. AMD specifies 61C as the max user temp for the FX-8350 so 43C is no problem at all.

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                i think most of the above are correct
                However Airflow can be a real killer in any case.
                If you have "under" or "over" pressure, it can get very hot, very fast.


                Also the standard settings will manage the fan speed to keep a balance between noise and cooling need. So it could be that even under full load the temperature wont rise much, but the RPM's will (of the fan).


                Also it would be nice to know what cooler you are using at the moment.

                Even though i just use an FX-6300 , even with OC it hardly ever exceeds the 47C under long stress tests (corsair Hydro, closed LC), even with ambient temperatures up to 28C/82.4F.


                Should you be concerned, try opening your case, and run a small stress test.
                If the temperature does not rise to high levels , then your airflow is bad, and you should re-organize the fans/cables etc.
                However if the CPU temp rises regardless , please check if the cpu cooler is well attached and try to apply some new thermal compound.


                But please take note, that the stock cooler is sufficient , however if you need lower temps , you will need more

                And like i said before , i totally agree with the others on the temp sensors @ low temps......
                Please never forget to do the simple checklist 


                1) Compound
                2) Cooler
                3) Airflow (even with LC its important)
                4) Cables (they can work like insulation if wrongfully situated)
                5) Ambient temperature @20c your full load might be 41-50C @30c it may increase more towards 60c


                Hope it helps you a bit, and for future posts please keep in mind to let others know what cooler is attached