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    Game not using or recognizing GPU (R9 280)


      HI, I have had this problem since the game (Fifa 16) came out, and have tried many times contacting EA assistance and posting here without any luck, but here goes nothing!


      Basically, it seems like the game isn't using or doesn't recognize my GPU (AMD R9 280). This means that in the settings menu, I can't change the resolution (only 1 option) or set to fullscreen, and when I launch the game, I get around 1 FPS (unplayable).


      The demo works fine, so I don't think it's a case of my PC isn't good enough, I have been able to run any latest release fine.


      I have already tried reinstalling the game, deleting all drivers then reinstalling the latest from the AMD website.


      Any help or experience of this is greatly appreciated!