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Corrupted opencl.dll in Windows10 64bit after 16.5.2 update

Question asked by kajimshanti on May 15, 2016
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We are trying to run system with a HD 7900 series on Windows 10 64 bit


The unavoidable Windows driver Update used to block your up-to-date drivers and install a corrupted driver in its place, which ultimately resulted in system freezes and crashes.

We have managed to isolate the corrupted library file (opencl.dll), that windows update placed in both C:\Windows\syswow64  and in C:\Windows\LastGood\SysWow64  and using the Windows installation disk we have managed to repair it with a healthy one. Then we have (temporarily) blocked windows driver update with all available means.


However, when we run the amd driver updates again (16.5.2), the new opencl.dll in C:\Windows\syswow64  also appears as corrupted and if we run a SFC/SCANNOW it gets replaced with the one that we manually recovered from the installation disk. To be more clear, the amd drivers installation doesn't output any error, but we ran SFC anyway to verify things and this is what happens.


Hence the question: is it better to stick with our clean-installed opencl.dll file, which has been the only one recognized as healthy by the system, or should we rather avoid running SFC and keep the one installed by amd latest update ?


On all fronts, it seems like a nearly impossible task to cleanly install GPUs with the correct drivers on Win10. This makes directx12 potentials virtually useless.

Is AMD already aware of this problem and working with Microsoft on a definitive solution?




Update: After the second restart the OS was almost stuck so we disabled the GPU in safe mode and ran the amd update again while using the Intel integrated graphics. Then we overwrote the file in LastGood and LastGood.tmp directories with the one installed my amd. Seems to work for now. We have been wondering if it would be safer to clean install Windows again and repeat the amd updates, this time blocking windows update completely before it has the chance to run even once. Windows update drivers and AMD drivers are deeply in conflict. We are worried about about the safety of our hardware and about future further instabilities of our systems.


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