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Fan RPM at max speed but controller says it's lower (Sapphire R9 280x)

Question asked by charliesname on May 15, 2016
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When I started my computer yesterday the GPU fan RPM start at 3800 (which is max) and won't come down. The GPU fan speed controller does follow the GPU temp like it should but has no effect on the RPM.

The whole system is about 2.5 years old.

Anyone had this issue or know anything that can be done?


Here is a screenshot from MSI afterburner:

Pasteboard — Uploaded Image


What I've done so far:

* Checked it with multiple software (Radeon Crimson, MSI afterburner, FanSpeed) with all the same results.

* Reinstalled all video drivers. (with Display Driver Uninstaller)

* Reinstalled windows from scratch and installed drivers again.

* Took out and cleaned the card, cleaned the PCI-E port and cleaned the contact to the PSU.

* Googled a lot... Some one said it might be a problem with the PSU so I'm going to replace it if no one else has any idea.




I've tried to put in my old trusty GTS 8800 and it seem to have no problem with the fan speed which worries me...