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R9 390 Frametime Issues

Question asked by onearch on May 15, 2016
Latest reply on May 16, 2016 by amdmatt

I recently built a new rig, here are the specs just in case they're required at all.


Gigabyte GA-Z170Z Gaming 7 Motherboard

Intel Core i7-6700 K CPU

16 GB of G-Skill Ripjaws Ram (DDR4-2133)

EVGA G2 Power Supply 850W

2 TB Harddrive (Seagate - 7200 RPM)

500 GB Samsung EVO SSD

MSI Radeon R9 390 - 8 GB


So basically I'm having frametime issues in every game I play, I'm monitoring everything with MSI Afterburner at the quickest polling speeds and even when my FPS holds steady at 60 FPS (I'll run a game at low settings just to make sure of this) the frametime bounces between 16.8 ms and 21 ms on average, and on some games the spikes can be up to 40 ms (stutters and jitters visible) or higher. I'm experiencing this on the newest drivers and also on 15.11. So at this point I just have to ask, if my FPS is holding steady at 60 FPS, should I EXPECT 16.66 ms steady the whole time or is that too much to ask of GPU's nowadays. Honestly don't know what I should expect, and I have seen many many tweaking options online but they all seem a little much considering the fluidity should just come out of the box (unless I'm wrong). How do your frametimes compare guys and is there anything else I should look into. Thanks!


P.S. By the way, my temperatures on my CPU and GPU are all super cool, and there are no issues temp-wise. I've also tried DVI-D and DisplayPort (same frametime issues on both).