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Drivers causing black screen (HD 7800)

Question asked by critical on May 15, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 5, 2016 by alebelly44

I updated to the latest drivers for my Radeon HD 7800 and it bricked my computer. I have tried using removal tools (DDU) and removing all drivers and software and then re-installing all different versions of the drivers back to 2013 but every time the drivers finish installing the screen immediately goes black (flashes black, then dark green then stays black).

This was on windows 7 64bit and I even got some new SSDs and loaded a fresh windows 10 and the same thing happens (not windows also forces the latest driver on and black screens)

The hardware is fine as everything works in safe mode and when i remove the drivers (DDU) and run without the internet.


Windows 7 64b

Windows 10 64b

16gb ram

ATI Radeon HD 7800


Looking on these forums and around google, seems like a lot of people are having this issue (specially 7xxx cards)

I've spent two days on trying to fix this (and probably fried the hell out of the computer with all the forced shutdowns) So until the drivers are fixed i'm down my main computer