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H.264 4K decode issue

Question asked by jenhua on May 16, 2016


I am testing 4K MPEG-4 playing capability on MERLIN FALCON RX-421 platform. The film I tested is 4K-resolution with H.264 compressed format.

OS : Windows 7 SP1 64-bit



MPEG4 media player for Windows : PotPlayer, KMPlayer, PowerDVD

Display interface : DisplayPort 1.2 LCD monitor with 4K display capability


Problem is that I saw video-lagging symptom during 4K mp4 film playing by PotPlayer or KMPlayer. Then I found CPU usage is 100% full load. It looks the MPEG-4 HW decoder didn't be enabled by these two player. The MPEG-4 film is decoded by software and not by hardware decoder.

Next I test on PowerDVD player. There is no video-lagging symptom and film playing is smoothly. The CPU usage is under 40% when playing film by PowerDVD.

Since our customer want us to prove MPEG-4 4K decode capacity of this CPU (we are mother board design company), I don't know if we just show customer the test result of PowerDVD.

How to explain another player cannot play smooth MPEG-4 4K video quality ?

I don't know why the hardware MPEG-4 decoder in CPU cannot be enabled by media player.