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Windows won't boot after installing (updating) lastest drivers

Question asked by jovianstone on May 15, 2016

Jesus, I figure I should say something considering how long I spent getting my pc working again, all because of an update!

I updated to the latest BETA  instead of 16.5.2, a day before yesterday. Restarted my pc and nothing. Black screen, no signal, no POST, no System Beep.No amount of restarting helped. Check the code on my mobo and it says: 97 : console output devices connect (ex. monitor is lighted) whatever that means?? So I figured it has to be from the new update as everything was perfect beforehand. I had to remove my gpu (xfx R9 280), and uninstall the drivers through internal graphics using Display Driver Uninstall, this was the only way I could get a signal from my pc. Then installed the latest non-beta 16.15.2.


I just turned my pc off, for the first time, an hour ago only to find the same damn issue. Now I'm here because there appears to be no other sufferers out there. My only recourse is to roll-back to a driver that worked for me but  I erased the entire AMD folder when I uninstalled the drivers, and the last few updates I did through CCC so I don't easily have the previous version that worked for my system.