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      It was fun talking to you guys and helping you guys and you guys help me out too but now its time for good bye remember guys stay positive you all are best  My Special friends william erin.maiorinoiamthesagasavagebeastzero Thank you so much guys and i am gonna miss you guys



          Is there a reason why? Whatever it is, good luck.


            Sorry to see you go venom. Best of luck to you in your future endeavors.

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              Bye venom , sorry to see you leave.

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                Well I don't understand your reasons and I think there is no point in leaving a community like this in any situation but it's your call. Take care venom and have fun. Sorry to see you go.

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                  Well it sad to see you go, but like everyone is saying you don't need a high end pc to be here.
                  But what you're missing here is what this place is for and you even said it yourself
                  "It was fun talking to you guys and helping you guys and you guys help me out too..." -venom
                  You should stay and think about it or this is what i think it is and you just want attention.
                  Either way take some time to think about it and don't be so rash think about what your going to do before you do.

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                    Hey venom,


                    I'm not sure where you got the idea that Red Team is solely for users with high end workstations venom ? Like many have ever so soundly said before me, AMD's Red Team is for anyone who possesses an AMD component and is interested in being involved with the community. It has nothing whatsoever to do with all AMD Red Team members maintaining some sort of strange elitist's only, financial hierarchy status quo in regards to their hardware and thank God it doesn't.


                    I understand that it can at times be a bit daunting coming into a community where you have some users like myself that possess expensive hardware in abundance with components such as multiple graphics cards, but let me bring some clarity to this for you and you'll understand how everything works here in the AMD Red Team community.


                    Let's break the type of AMD Red Team members down, so it all makes more sense to you. Then if you would, please scroll to the bottom, you'll see one unifying similarity between us all, that makes us all equals.


                    Troubleshooters and Residents (Some of us may as well live here)


                    You have some Red Team members such as myself, amdmatt, kingfish, jamesc359 and many others that all fall into the above categories of Red Team members. We sincerely enjoy assisting people here in the community and spend quite an abnormal time in the forums doing so. Our professional backgrounds reside somewhere in the tech industry and we don't just enjoy what we do, it's an addiction that not many others would find interesting. Our professional fields all closely bare similarities, but aren't necessarily remotely even in the same industry, yet we all possess similar knowledge, because of the aforementioned passion for all things in the computer tech industry.


                    Thus we all gravitated here to the AMD forums, saw people who either required assistance or we found common interests with others. Although amdmatt is an employee of AMD, he can be found across the net conversing with people about tech and assisting people in his free time at sites such as Overclockers.Uk. So, although he's a paid employee of AMD, he's one of us as well.


                    Enthusiasts and Overclockers


                    Myself, sgtbilko and amdmatt all enjoy pushing our hardware to the limits. Regardless of what grade the hardware is that we're tinkering with, we will enjoy every second of it and even when we've reached what appears to be its limitations, we'll push it a bit farther. To us, overclocking is an art form in a sense and something we've all enjoyed for quite some time. With that being said, although we possess personally overclocked expensive rigs, we would in no way have less respect for someone that's overclocking a ten year old graphics card. Instead we'd be more interested in the data such as the gains the user was able to achieve above its default factory values. So if a user gained a 65% margin above factory defaults, we would immediately view this individual as a peer, not as some lowly peasant or something.


                    Just read through the Red Team's overclocking thread that was created by sgtbilko and you'll see that he consistently urges people to submit their scores regardless of the hardware they're using. You can also see, he regularly re-submits his own overclocking scores to components that have long been retired as his primary hardware. Why? He enjoys it. sgtbilko can be found on multiple sites across the net, not just here at the AMD forums, performing tests and benchmarks, because it's what he does and he's damn good at it to boot.


                    The average and most populous Red Team Members


                    The average Red Team member likely uses something like an AthlonX4 with either an AMD 7750, an AMD 7770 or possibly an R9 260. They're a member of Red Team for the community events and for general enjoyment. These Red Team members can regularly be found at Red Team V-Lan parties and entering giveaways. These Red Team users are simply members for the fun of it and aren't stressing themselves out over yearly hardware improvements or advanced graphics settings.


                    Many of them likely only know they have an AMD processor or graphics processing unit, because it's labeled as such on their laptop and that's all they want to know, because being social and gaming is what they enjoy and when they need to upgrade, they'll come to the other first two groups of users I spoke about earlier and if that's what they prefer, more power to them! That's what we're there for on a daily basis.


                    So if you were paying attention, we're just here to enjoy ourselves in different ways that suit our interests equally


                    As you've I'm sure noticed, there was one commonality within each group. They each simply enjoy doing what they're doing here in the AMD Red Team community and not one of these groups are judging each other based on the hardware they possess, they're judging each other based on nothing more than their character and personality.


                    In closing just relax and enjoy yourself (Join the next Red Team V-Lan Event)


                    So, what I recommend is this venom. Don't focus on anything here in the AMD Red Team community that doesn't feel positive and most certainly don't judge your worth based on a material object such as a gaming rig. That never ends well for anyone. I know it's harder said than done in the "PC Master Race" community that tends to be a touch on the negative side, yet remember this next statement and you'll likely feel better.


                    According to Valve corporations Steam data for 2015, 60% of the supposed "PC Master Race" was gaming at sub 720p resolutions, only 30% were gaming at 1080p and less than 10% were gaming at 1440p or higher. What that means is your rig would outperform 60% of the entire Steam user base and when thinking in terms of hard numbers, that means your rig is more powerful than what roughly 120 million other pc gamers are currently using.


                    If that doesn't make you realize that your rig isn't nearly the potato you think it is, I don't know what will.


                    Give Red Team another shot, but this time forget about hardware, don't compare yourself to others and remember to have fun!

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                      You said you're leaving because your PC is bad and it's not high end but dude your PC is not bad at all: https://community.amd.com/thread/199172 it's a high end PC, it's like $1000+ that's considered high end and you have top of the line parts.

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                        Most of you guys are saying you own a high end pc Guys i Sold it 5 days ago because i need money

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                          I would die first before selling my PC. Sure its a an old i7-920 with an odd LGA1366 but I built this baby!!! I will pick up a third job if I have to but keep the PC. I am proud of this old beast.