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    Crimson CPU fan warning




      I have a problem with a warning popping up saying "You CPU fan doesn't work properly. You must turn off your system right now and check it!". The thing is, I only run Crimson and HWinfo (so no conflicting monitor software). I also have ignored the low limit in BIOS fan monitoring (formula-z board). I read this thread and it references me (next to last post) to a solution/option that I cannot find in the Overdrive settings of Crimson.


      What do I do? This message pops up all the time. When I've been away for a while, there are plenty of them. The CPU temp is now 43(c) and RPM is steady at 1020-1030 RPM. When I play The Division I also note that the CPU temp never goes about 60-65 and that the RPM is following up and it's working fine.


      CPU: AMD 9370 4.4 Ghz eight core
      GPU: Saphire Radeon R9 380 Nitro (stock fans)
      Case: Cooler Master Storm Stryker
      CPU Fan: Cooler Master V8 GTS (PWM)
      Front fans:
      2*Nanoxia Deep Silence 120mm PWM Ultra-Quiet PC Fan, 650-1500 RPM
      Top fan: Aerocool Silent Master - Red LED - 200mm
      Bottom fan: Stock Cooler Master Storm Stryker 200mm fan
      Back fan: Stock Cooler Master Storm Stryker 240mm fan


      Edited to update post with PC specs (fan and temp related).

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          If that is the core temperature, the CPU should never get over 61*C if you have an FX-8000 series, and the fan should be spinning at at least 1500rpm at 55*C. So I would say that no, the CPU fan is not working properly, make sure it is not limited in BIOS and your case has proper airflow.

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              Sorry, should have mentioned that I don't use the default CPU cooler. I updated the original post with my specs.


              I did turn off the control in bios, and it's at a constant ~1580 RPM now. TMP is now at 41(c) so only one degree difference. The 10(db) difference is not worth it and I really don't see the point for regular use. While using the BIOS/Mobo controller the fan speed still increases when gaming and the temp is max 65 degrees. And from your last sentence, I read it as you men that if i use BIOS/Mobo limits, the fan is not working properly, because of it? A strange thing to say. It's a PWM fan (but you couldn't have known).