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AMD Radeon 7700 HD series driver issues

Question asked by buggyg on May 14, 2016
Latest reply on May 15, 2016 by buggyg

For some reason, the screen started flickering a of couple day ago and then just died. I would try to boot up , get the win7 start up and then it would just die. After booting in safe mode and uninstall the drivers for the vid card (after a few trial and errors trying to figure out what was going on), I was able to reboot and have no issue. But windows re-installs the driver for the card and it crashes when I reboot, getting the BSOD. I have updated with the latest drivers.


I uninstall the driver and still have my monitors connected to the card, boots up normally if I uninstall the card drivers first in safe mode.


Anyone have any ideas??


win7 64-bit

8gb ram

AMD Radeon 7700 HD series