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AMD A10-5745m low thermal margin

Question asked by lastpotato99 on May 14, 2016
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I have an AMD A10-5745m Processor, when I first turn my laptop on (from standby) I open up AMD Overdrive and check the thermal margin. At this point the thermal margin is around 25-26 degrees Celsius and the frequency is moving up and down considerably, as seen in this video (sorry for low quality). As I am typing this the thermal margin is fluctuating between 5-15 Degrees Celsius, I have 3 tabs open in Firefox, Skype is running and I have MS Outlook open. Are these Temperatures normal considering the maximum Temperature of the 5745m is 105 Degrees Celsius which means that on boot it is already at 80 degrees Celsius. While watching a 1080p YouTube video for about 2 minutes the Thermal Margin frequently goes to -2 Degrees Celsius.