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    amd catalyst not responding windows 7


      I bought a new set of CPU


      AMD A10-7850K (AMD APU w/ Radeon™ R7 Graphics) 4.0GHz Max Turbo, 4MB Cache

      Gigabyte F2A88XM-HD3P

      16GB Hyper X Ram


      just finish installing OS and the driver of the MOBO, after i had restarted it

      theres a window popping up and saying "AMD Catalyst Control Center Host is not responding.


      i have uninstalled the  R7 Graphics so that after i restarted the PC it will automatically install the GPU.


      but still the error occurs a minute or two after the reboot of the system..

      also i attached the specs of my PC


      what is the remedy for this?


      Please help.. Thanks