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    red screen bf4


      hallo leute


      habe neuerdings das wenn ich bf4 spiele der Red Screen auftaucht und ich den Rechner neu starten muss kann jemand helfen bitte


      ATI RADEON 380 X2

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          I had the same issue once and suspected this error came from the Graphics card. I have ASUS R9 290 4GB.

          Everything was new - CPU, Memory, GPU, PSU and Mainboard and I had just builed the computer - so the issue could be everything.


          I googled alot and found that it is called RSOD (Red Screen of Death).... I could often play BF4 for 1-10 minutes and then the RSOD appearred and the computer restarted itself. I googled and found out that RSOD is appearring when you got a hardware issue.

          I found out after a lot of testing of all the parts, that my CPU was the issue - actually the CPU paste.

          The strange thing was that it was only BF4 and another few games that was failing - other games worked fine.


          Anyway it was the last thing I ever expected after having tested with other graphics cards, memory modules and PSU´s.

          I cleaned the CPU of old paste and started over with a little less CPU paste and assembled the PC again (after many times).


          After doing this everything worked fine - especially BF4 which was the main purpose.


          I am not good at german and I hope this text helps in english.


          Good luck and I hope you get it to work.

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            hey Michael, could you post your full system specs including motherboard, cpu and power supply?

            Have you tried running a stress benchmark such as aida64 to see if your system was able to perform as expected?