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[R7 370][Linux 3.16][opensuse 13.2] launching amdcccle is very slow (take 2 minutes to display application frame)

Question asked by soundlord on May 13, 2016

I had a big problem with an update to catalyst 15.302.3 that messed up the whole system (weird cursors, font display, ...).

I uninstalled this version and replaced to the one that worked before the update 15.20.1046.


I retreived a fully functionnal system BUT amdcccle takes more than 1 minute to display the application frame, before update it was instantly loaded and displayed.


I really don't know how solve this issue.

It happens using the root user, or any user in the system.


I didn't find any configuration file in the system but I'm not sure this is a configuration issue.


Thanx in advance in case of...