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Profiles back to useless again, r9 295x2 crossfire won't disable any game now.

Question asked by iainob1 on May 13, 2016
Latest reply on May 13, 2016 by kingfish

These drivers are becoming a joke, it is totally embarassing now for r9 295x2 owners.


Fresh install new drivers and crossfire is back to not disabling, but now for evey game not just dx9 titles. Dx9 titles still run shocking incidentally!! stutters are still there and hitches totally useless.


When will the r9 295x2 be looked into properly?


All the drivers for this card since windows 10 have been a complete joke. It is not acceptable anymore.


Every new driver just adds a new problem and never fixes anything for our card.


Drivers were installed after a full uninstall and then ddu in safe mode and aslo using ccleaner after before installing new drivers.


Please look at crossfire properly for this card something is not right in all drivers not just Crimson for Windows 10.


Please look at directx9 as all games on this card do not run properly since winodws 10. Gtx 680 on my system runs fine so it is AMD drivers.


Please look at game profiles for this card as they are not working.